17 February 2008

.htaccess tools and 301 redirects - revisited

I've had to explore htaccess quite a bit since my original post about 301 redirect with htaccess - so below all you need to get started with .htaccess tools and 301 redirect.

Apache web servers use a special access control file named .htaccess, which uses a combination of directives to allow or disallow access to files or folders on the server. The normal location for your .htaccess file is in the web root directory.

The .htaccess file can also be used for creating custom redirect rules for files, folders and entire websites that have been moved or deleted, e.g. 301 redirect directives, prevent image hot-linking (direct links from other sites) and more

If your websites intended users are limited to a specific geographic region you might want to use htaccess block list to allow or disallow certain ip-adresses based on geo-ip location.