26 February 2008

Google don't like goolag scanner

Cult of the Dead Cow is still alive; The group behind the now famous Back Orifice virus released a vulnerability scanner called Goolag Scanner - giving anyone who can download and install a program one-click access to scan sites for vulnerabilities via google !

Doing a search on google for goolag scanner shows lot of goolag news - but no goolag site until around spot #28 as today (your indvidual placement for goolag searchresults may vary due to personalized searchresults).

I guess Google have applied a huge negative factor to their site, or the explanation might simply be there's too little goolag on goolag.org .
I did though note a website with IP numbers instead of the text goolag.org appear as hit #3.

Yahoo have no problems finder the Goolag Scanner!, Yahoo returns goolag.org as #1
It should only be a matter of time before someone make a Yahoo version of Goolag scanner also, value added with yahoo new open search approach were you can get access to yahoo search results directly via an API.


I guess you can look at it positive as it gives easy access for everyone to check their website security - but as with Back Orifice we will probably see a lot of script kiddies trying this software on other sites as well ....

Another reason to step up on your security, you can download Goolag scanner here!

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