16 February 2008

Feng Shui for Gmail (better icons for Gmail)

Updating my greasemonkeyscripts I stumbled over Gmail v2 Tango 0.1

This little script updates Gmail standard Icons with icons from the Tango desktop project - which I coincidently found recently looking for real tango sites (the dance editions !)

Anyway, I like this

Gmail with tango icons

much more than this

Gmail standard icons

Though room for improvement in the tango iconset; The textcolor icon could be better - the visual hints not too obvious, I think the swatch style type works better as lot of people will be familiar with the visual from picking a colour from a colorpicker.

The link icon also a bit unclear, the globe fills visually so you need to zoom your attention to the upper left part, and then you think - aha links ....

After reflection; a real google iconset - no fancy bell and whistles, but they get the jobs done - easy and simple with a high degree of recognition factors included.
Still, the tango set gives Gmail a more web 2.0 look and feel.

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