16 February 2008

Floating signature in Gmail V2

Note; back on blogger (been busy with another site)

Google updated the gmail code some time ago and unfortunately that meant a lot of scripts broke, including my favorite GTD-plugin GTDinbox with no upgrade to version 2 of Gmail code yet. (Update: GTDinbox available in Beta for version2 of Gmail)

I did find a replacement for the floating-sig script which moved the Gmail signature from bottom of mail to below your answer - Gmail HTML signatures, works event better than the old floating signature script I used.

  • Works for Compose Mail, Reply, and Forward
  • Support for single or multiple email addresses
  • Create a different signature for each email address you use in your gmail account
  • Signature automatically inserted into message above quoted text
  • Signature is automatically replaced when you change the address you are sending from
After been inspired by this blogentry about slick looking signature I'm in sig-heaven with a new fancy floating signature in version 2 of Gmail, soon.

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