13 March 2009

Firefox 3 - disable extension compatibility check

Missing your favorite extension in firefox 3 ?! - In a post last year I wrote about the nightly tester tool which can be used for overriding extension compability check.

Nightly tester tool overwrite compatibility check extension by extension, if you want to skip compatibility for all extension in Firefox3 it's possible to switch of the compatibility check entirely:

  1. Type “about:config” in the Firefox address bar
    Note: “about:config” shows configuration variable for Firefox
  2. By-pass the warning screen
    Note: no complaining if altered settings gives you trouble !
  3. In the area with list of settings variable, right click anywhere and choose New + Boolean in the pop-up
    Note: We want to define a new variable
  4. Name the New Boolean “extensions.checkCompatibility” and press enter
  5. Choose “false” as the value
    Note: Tells Firefox to ignore extension compatibility check
  6. Restart Firefox
Warning: Only use the above overwrite to enable compatibility to Firefox 3 plugins.

Don't do this with Firefox 2.x plugins unless you know how to clean up any mess you might encounter. Many of of the older Firefox 2 plugins will mess up your Firefox 3 !

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