06 March 2009

Etherpad review - live collaboration and chat room

Try Etherpad for a fast, free , easy and really live collaboration and chatsession

Etherpad offers basic collaboration with no bells and whistles - BUT Etherpad do really excel at what matters when you want to have a quick collaboration session - it's fast, easy and simple !

  • 10 sec to get an URL for a new Etherpad
  • give out the url to your fellow collaborators
  • click the url and you are ready to start writing and chat in the same etherpad
  • each participant entries gets a separate color
  • unlimited undo
  • text updated twice every second = you do really have a live collaboration session
  • elaborate or ask/answer questions via chat
  • revisons of the etherpad can be saved at any time
  • free !
  • no login or account , thus no time wasted on filling out forms (a planned pro/paid version will include this)
I only miss three things
  • simple text formatting as headlines and bulletpoints, but this should be in the pipeline.
  • For corporate usage a password protection would be needed(in pipeline for a pro version)
  • ability to delete an etherpad
Try Etherpad - it works !
Etherpad Review verdict: 4 out 5