31 July 2007

Something Harry Potterish about Ruby and rails

Joe think there's nothing magic about ruby or rails and references an earlier post comparing google trends for ruby on rails with Django.

Well, I'll say there might not be magic but steady growth around rails !
Revisiting the google trend page it seems very clear rubyonrails are gaining ground in 2007, what Oreilley bookstats 1Q2007 compared with 1Q2006 also indicates.

Ruby currently #10 on Tiobe programming index up from #17 same time last year

So, programmers-wannabe .... ruby on rails would be a good framework and language to learn

25 July 2007

social network software review

Techcrunch made a good review of social network software, pleased to see Ning ranked as #1. I spotted Ning quite sometime ago and have plans with it

feedburner and feedflare

sigh, lot of stuff to do with a new blog;

Added feedburner and feedflare to the customizations, together with google analytics I think this should cover the basics regarding subscriptions and statistics - do like Google more and more with all the free stuff available

Note: adding tag admin trivia to these post, should make it easy to do a catch up post later describing all the basic steps for a new blog

301 redirect with htaccess

added a .htaccess file with 301 redirect from my old blogurl to this place

Redirect 301 /blog/index.htm http://edgecrafting.blogspot.com/
Redirect 301 /blog/ http://edgecrafting.blogspot.com/

Since blogspot-hosting uses suffix html I had to add an explicit redirect for the index.htm page - should make the spiders happy

BBC Berkshire: Flood Map

BBC Berkshire: Flood Map - situation report on google maps, with user-contributed pictures/videos.
When the next generation of camera's with support for gps/geo tagging hits mainstream we will probably see things like this a lot more - until then a low cost software solution for geotagging would be robogeo for $39.95.
Adding robogeo to my to-buy list.

24 July 2007

claiming this blog on tecnorati

admin trivia - claiming this blog on technorati by posting this link to my Technorati Profile

Giving me a Technorati Rank of: 7,948,749 ......... beginning the climb up the ladder :)

recaptcha or Captcha meet wisdom-of-crowds

Got a beta invite to polarrose ("The Polar Rose browser plugin lets you discover who's in any public photo") and got sidetracked by a link while reading the polarrose blog to recaptcha.net

Love the idea behind reCaptcha, the service generates Captcha's from failed OCR at the internet archive;

"eCAPTCHA improves the process of digitizing books by sending words that cannot be read by computers to the Web in the form of CAPTCHAs for humans to decipher. More specifically, each word that cannot be read correctly by OCR is placed on an image and used as a CAPTCHA. This is possible because most OCR programs alert you when a word cannot be read correctly."

Apparently reCaptcha were conceived by Luis von Ahn who also happens to be the man behind Google Image labeler.

I've registered an account at recaptcha.net and will definitely use this service on a forthcoming website I'm working on.

reCaptcha offers a free captcha email protection service also at mailhide.recaptcha.net. Think I will reCaptha my email adresses instead of using this javascript email address obscuring script from projecthoneypot

Note, did find the audio version of reCaptcha a bit difficult to hear ...... glad I can read

Great example of utilizing wisdom-of-crowds to provide a real service. Nice tagline they got "stop spam - read books"

The polarrose service I'll blog about when I've got time to play around with the service

yet another blog start up

Hip Hurray - finally found time to set up this blogger account .... time will show whether it will be read by anyone else but me and few friends