23 March 2008

Deactivate extension compatibility check in Firefox3

A lot of extension gets disabled in Firefox3 as they do not specify version 3 as a supported version.

The Nightly Tester Tools allows you to overwrite the compatibility check in firefox 3, providing the ability to deactive compatibility checking for any firefox extension currently disabled.

The 'make compatible' option forces any disabled extension reactivated with next reload of firefox.

Handy until all your extension are upgraded, which in many cases may be as little as the extension needs to specify firefox3 (beta x) as supported.

Warning - not all extension will work properly, e.g. google toolbar seriously breached Firefox3 for me - I were unable to start Firefox3 after failed install of google toolbar.

In case of serious problems with an extension in Firefox3 (read; unable to start firefox3)

Start Firefox2, deactivate/uninstall the extension causing problems and you can switch back to Firefox3.

Update march 2009 - read how to disable extension compatibility check entirely in Firefox 3

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