24 March 2008

Trendanalyzer from former Gapminder available in Google Visualization API

Finally - I speculated in a blogpost about Gapminder/trendanalyzer coming to google analytics back in august 2007 - well I were wrong.

Trendanalyzer from former Gapminder shows up in the new Google Visualization API, providing the first appearance of trendanalyzer in Google clothing.
The Visualization API were recently announced at Google code blog

Gapminder - Motion Chart

The first (limited) Gapminder functionality is also available in Google Docs (spreadsheets) and as Gadget together with other charts.

Btw, I think they got it right Google, they do not just mirror the well known Microsoft functionality in Google docs, but web enable the stuff - like the new notification rule where you can see when your collaborators have modified your spreadsheets, and even learn what sheets or cells they've modified.

I've completely abandoned Microsoft Office privately and becomes more and more happy with Google docs.