04 August 2007

How flat is the world ? Very flat!

Just finished watching a MIT lecture with Thomas L. Friedman, author of "the world is flat", entertaining, enjoyable and thought provoking video, loved the closing remark "export hope - not fear" as response to how to keep an open flat world society secure.

The world is flat
It is a flat world !, looking at my own life;

A friend of mine need some drawings for a book, I suggested posting the gig at Elance - turns out the the estimated cost will be around 30% compared to getting the work done here in Denmark.

My company have started outsourcing software maintenance to India.

Bought myself a meizu mp3-player at Ebay (none available at amazon at that time), delivered from Hong Kong ! - the sound rocks, much better than the iPod nano.

Ordered some hard to obtain books recently via Abebooks, delivered from india.

I'm currently working on launching a website, it's based on a open source framework - baseprice zero.
I might need some add-ons and some additional tools, but will be able to go live for less than 700 Euro.
Royaltyfree photo bought at iStockphoto, icons either bought or obtained free at IconBuffet